How Buying Works

  • Buyers tell us what they're looking for
  • Sellers tell us when they're thinking of selling
  • We connect buyers and sellers off-market
  • We help both sides agree to terms and close escrow

The Smartest Way to Sell

In today’s market, you don’t need to give away 6% commission to sell your home quickly and for full price. PropertyWalk reaches thousands of active buyers, including many who are desperately looking for a home like yours. We market your home directly to those buyers, enabling you to sell your home quickly, for full-price, while paying only 3% total commission.

Schedule a Free Consultation
  • Schedule a free in-home consultation
  • We'll gather the data we need to properly price your home
  • We prepare your home for sale: photography, inspections, and more
  • We'll work with you to craft an honest, informative listing
  • We'll host open houses and get you multiple offers
  • You'll sell your home for full value and save thousands on commission

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