Outsmart the Market

Since 2015, we've been on a mission to build an honest, efficient marketplace for real estate. Our belief is that we can provide buyers and sellers with all the support (and more) that you'd expect from a traditional agent, while enabling people to connect far faster and for far less cost here on our website.

The Best Way to Buy

1. Use this form to describe what you’re looking for.

2. We’ll send you relevant properties as sellers submit them.

3. When you see a home you’re interested in, we’ll schedule a tour.

4. When you’re ready to make an offer, we’ll help you complete the purchase.

The Smartest Way to Sell

1. Get to know us BEFORE you’re ready to sell.

2. We’ll give you a current estimate of your home’s value any time.

3. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll do all the prep work: inspections, photography, etc.

4. We’ll work with you to craft an honest and informative listing for your home.

5. We then email your home’s write-up to all relevant PropertyWalk buyers.

6. We get your home sold for top dollar, typically in two weeks or less.

7. Because we’re able to sell directly to our list of buyers, you pay only 3% total commission when the home sells.

Ready to Talk?

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